Make Something Amazing

The most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy.
– Joshua Becker

If imagination and creativity can change the world, just think what they can do to piece of furniture thrown in a dumpster.

Crap to Fab was started by four artists: Kim Murray, Norma Frank, and Manuel Medrano. The idea was to keep stuff out of the landfill and turn it into works of art. Take a look at our project gallery and you’ll see what we mean.

You can do this. Anybody can. It’s all about mindset, some knowledge, and a little bit of creativity. The best part? Once you start rescuing items that would otherwise be tossed — you’ll soon be addicted and start seeing possibilities everywhere. This is loads of fun – not loads of junk!  And guess what? You can even profit from doing this. Picture putting these adorable pieces up on Craigslist. People love it.

Oh, and just to be clear, we’re not asking you to become a dumpster diver (unless you want to). You can visit garage sales, ask friends if they have stuff they want to get rid off, or even visit grandma’s old attic. Junk is literally everywhere. And more often than not it’s freeee! Sometimes your future masterpiece is right in front of you. It’s time for a perspective change.

Project Gallery

Gold Rush
White Drawer Before

Artists Behind it All

Kim Murray
Kim Murray
graphic & web design, painting, furniture refinishing, décor creator, color/texture junkie

Kim loves a good challenge and can see the potential in nearly anything. In addition to proudly digging through the landfill-bound assortment of goodies, she’s also been known to venture over to a pile someone irresponsibly dumped at the curb (what is wrong with people?!)

Kim especially loves tiling things and has a passion for color. No amount of “ugly” can stop a few layers of paint from making it look fantastic!

Norma Frank
Norma Frank
web developer and programmer, furniture refinisher, occasion ambiance strategist

Norma gets excited when she is able to use her imagination and creativity to improve the look and functionality of the pieces she rescues. She loves being able to use her hands and get dirty – she doesn’t get to do tht at her desk job. Norma feels great when a piece headed for destruction in the landfill gets an opportunity to be useful and beautiful again. Converting an old piece into something completely different is a great challenge she loves to take on. So bring it!

Manuel Medrano
Manuel Medrano
environmental services manager, landfill rescue expert, repurpose artist

Manuel Medrano has worked in the sustainability field for 15 years and is focused on recycling, hazardous waste management, business development and public education. Manuel strongly believes that a solution to our waste problem is to reuse, repair or repurpose items rather than sending them to area landfills. Manuel belongs to several multi-agency committees and working groups focused on cross-border (U.S.-Mexico) environmental health.

And in his “spare time”, he has a wonderful family he enjoys spending time with.