Renew | Reuse | Create

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
– Maya Angelou

Welcome to endless possibilities.

This is the place where anything goes when it comes to creativity, inventive passion, and fulfilling the need to better the Earth – and ourselves. When we create, we open the door to a whole new world where we have the ability to mold, shape, and color ordinary things into extraordinary works of art.  It’s the place where we can release frustrations, build a sense of pride…and inspire others.

Reinvent Old

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Create New

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Helping the landfill . . . one piece at a time.

Landfills are filling up fast. Every year, the amount of waste dumped increases. What happens when we run out of space?

A few tools and a little skill can make miracles.

You don’t have to be a general contractor to get things done. You just need a little know-how and love for getting your hands dirty.

Almost anything can be your unique canvas.

You can either buy a new canvas, recycle an old canvas, or turn something into a canvas! The possibilities are endless.

A little texture and color can create everything.

If you love color, you’re already ahead of the game! Add a little texture and meaningful finds, and you can create a forever keepsake.